Day: October 15, 2023

IPQS Free Email Verifier ReviewIPQS Free Email Verifier Review

IPQS free email verifier

An email validation service provides your website or app with a real-time lookup solution that validates an email address to ensure it is valid, active, and in use. Robust services like IPQS also enrich email data with reputation scores, abuse history, disposable email status, and identity information. This information is essential for your email marketing campaigns to improve deliverability and minimize bounce rates, especially hard bounces.

Proper IPQS free email verifier list hygiene is an industry standard for anyone that collects or uses user emails for any purpose including lead generation, customer support, and transactional messages. It reduces email bounces and spam traps, and helps avoid costly errors from typos & misspelled emails. It can also prevent the negative impact of bad sender reputation due to sending to invalid or high risk addresses.

The Ultimate Tool for Email Verification: How IPQualityScore’s Email Verifier Can Boost Your Deliverability

The free email verifier provided by IPQS is a highly accurate, next-generation email verification and reputation scoring service that can be deployed in real-time on your website or app via an API call. It performs hundreds of syntax and DNS checks, determines if the email inbox exists with the mail service provider, and checks for known issues including spam complaints, abuse reports, and scams. Additionally, it can detect if an email is a spamtrap or honeypot and provides valuable reputation insight that helps improve inbox delivery rates. Unlike many competing bulk email verifiers that rely on old technology and inaccurate methods, IPQS leverages direct relationships with major mail service providers and other unique techniques that are constantly updated to keep up with the latest services and spammer behavior.