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Embroidered Motorcycle Club Patches

custom mc patches

Embroidered Patches:

Custom mc patches  people visualize embroidered patches, they think of the motorcycle club logos and colors sewn onto the backs of leather or denim jackets worn by members of various motorcycle clubs.

These MC patches are an important part of the biker culture and a great way for riders to express their personalities. Embroidered MC patches come in a variety of styles, from mascots and mottoes to commemorations and memorials. They can be a good way to promote business as well.

Riding with Pride: Custom MC Patches

Embroidered patches can be ironed on top of any piece of clothing, such as a jacket or a T-shirt. They are usually designed to look aesthetically pleasing and can be made in any color. The process of designing a patch is quick and easy – all you have to do is pick out the design and size of the patch, secure it in an embroidery hoop, and turn the machine on. The machine will automatically design the patch for you.

The different types of embroidered MC patches include flat, woven, and bullion. Generally, MC twill patches are embroidered with 75% embroidery and feature text, images, and cool slogans. The embroidered bullion patches are more expensive because they have a high-end finishing with rich texture and shine.

Embroidered patches are also commonly used to commemorate participation in events such as rallies, charity rides, and other biker-related activities. The patches can be adorned with any information related to the event, including its name, date, and location. In addition, a custom logo or unique artwork can be added to the patch for additional style and personality.

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